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Cathlab - Philips Xper Allura FD - 10

Geometrical Specifications

  • The PHILIPS XPER ALLURA FD-10 Ceiling single plane cardiovascular system comprises a ceiling mounted G –arm stand & digital imaging X-ray system.
  • Motorized stand movements with variable speed.
  • Angulation upto 18 degrees/sec & Rotation upto 25 degrees/sec
  • Body guard capacitive sensing for fast & effective positioning of flat Detector.
  • Maximum patient weight 0 250 kg.

Techinical Specifications

The ALLURA FD-10 comprises an integrated dedicated X-ray system,microprocessor controlled Velara CFD generator based on high frequency converter technique.It comprises
  • X-Ray generator -100 kw
  • Voltage Range- 40 to 125 kv
  • Max. current -1250 mA at 80 kV.
  • Program selection
  • Pulsed X-ray upto 3.75,7.5,15,30 frames/s for digital dynamic exposures.
  • Minimum exposure time- 1 ms
  • Automatic kv & mA selection.
  • It includes a Maximus ROTALIX ceramic tube ,cooling unit CU 3000 for X-raytube with thermal safety & cooling unit CU 3101 for flat detector.
  • A graphical & numeric display for actual rate & accumulated Air.
  • Triple mode Dynamic Flat Detector for fluoroscopy & cine fluoroscopy.

Bnefits of New Technology

  • Xper stands for PERsonalized X-ray System.This is the first flat detector system based on an expert system.It comprises of 3 features Xper user preferred settings,User interface & Xper Integration.
  • Digital Subtracted Angiography.
  • The DSA option extends the application functions with additional vascular studies.DSA program can be selected as per Xper settings.
  • Acquisition & storage of Max 4 channels of physio data together with X-ray images.
  • Provide improved table access for the patient transfer.
  • Stent Boost- stent image can be zoomed.

Biplane cardiovascular X-ray system for complex procedures

Philips Allura Xper FD10/10 biplane cardiovascular X-ray system gives you the tools you need to carry out complex interventional cardiovascular procedures. It provides exceptional visualization of cardiac anatomy in examinations where contrast media and X-ray dose really matter.Special features and protocols forinterventional cardiology, pediatric cardiology or electrophysiology (EP) are provided.

Support for challenging cardiac and pediatric examinations
  • Superb image quality for coronary angiography studies in both the frontal and lateral plane.
  • DDedicated pediatric and electrophysiology settings for examinations.
  • Xper personalized settings simplify complex positioning movements.
  • DoseWise offers low X-ray dose and excellent image quality.
  • Three-dimensional tools support treatment strategies for coronary angiography procedures.

Minimize X-ray dose and contrast medium with biplane cardiovascular X-ray system

A biplane cardiovascular X-ray system provides benefits in the treatment of congenital heart disease. It delivers twice the information with a single contrast injection, which is the most critical factor for pediatric cases. The system also gives larger clinical teams full access to the patient during complex pediatric examinations. The Allura Xper FD10/10 offers special pediatric programs and settings developed in partnership with pediatric cardiologists.

Biplane cardiovascular X-ray system simplifies your work

The Allura Xper FD10/10 biplane cardiovascular system offers movement flexibility and superb image quality that is the hallmark of flat detector systems. This advanced system features Xper (X-ray Personalized) so each user canpersonalize their settings for automatic positioning and other system movements. The Allura biplane cardiovascular X-ray system saves valuable time because it gives you twice the information with a single contrast injection.